Saturday, August 18, 2012


When I arrived in Seattle to start the trip. What would I encounter?
We had lots of these on the trip.....

...and lots (but never enough) of these on the trip

The original 5 decade "Fly-boy" team: Scott - Tim - Erin - Mike - Theo
"Fly-boys" conquer Teton Pass - twice
Needles Highway
Mt. Rushmore
The 2nd 5 generation team: Tim - Adam - Mike - Ross - Theo
Hats off to these folks - they are the "Coast to Coasters" - congratulations !!!

Now that the "Coast to Coasters" have ended their trip, I can put a wrap on my Cycle America experience for 2012. This is my last BLOG entry.

First, I want to CONGRATULATE my fellow riders who completed the full 9 week >4,200 mile Coast to Coast trip this weekend in Gloucester, MA. Special congratulations goes out to the "EFI-ers". What an outstanding accomplishment !! You are all Iron Men and Woman, and as you might guess, I am extremely jealous that I was not able to complete the entire journey with you, as I had intended. Living and riding with you for 5 weeks however, I can appreciate your feat more than most.

I want to thank my many supporters again. My wife, for putting up with me being away for 5 weeks and for the many mornings I woke her up when I left at 5:00am to train. I want to thank Bikeway, who took great care of my biking needs. To the amusement of my colleagues, all I wore were your cycling kits!  I can not thank Greg Walsh and the "Cycle America" staff all rock! And, finally, I want to thank the many contributors to my cause...suicide prevention...I appreciate what you did and you all made a big difference !!!!!!

My journey, although shorter and less dramatic than the Coast to Coasters, was a huge accomplishment. I experienced first hand some of the most beautiful parts of this great country. I shared many new memories with some wonderful new friends (from all around the world). Both the memories and friends will last a lifetime. To those who were not there, here is a quick summary of my accomplishments from the trip.

Suicide Prevention Cause: 
----- $7,555 raised (to date)
----- $3,000 grant solicited from my company
----- $10,555 total charitable contribution to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

The Cycle America Trip
----- 5 weeks, and 31 days of cycling
----- 6 States, and 2 Countries
----- 2,527 miles of cycling
----- 3 centuries (over 100 miles/day)
----- 109,763 feet of elevation (feet climbed)
----- 5 major mountain passes climbed (2 of them done twice), plus several other peaks & summits
----- 53 mph high speed
----- 20.5 mph highest days average (over an 81 mile ride)
----- 108 miles longest days ride (done twice)
----- went through 8 tubes, 1 tire, 1 spoke & rim, 1 derailleur & hanger, 3 license plates

My year summed up (and it is only August)
----- 2,527 miles from the Cycle America trip
----- 3,579 miles of additional rides and training
----- 6,106 total miles on my bike so far this calendar year

Thursday, August 16, 2012

PEOPLE PROFILES:   Beth & Martin Peyer from St Louis Park, Minnesota

Allan Deehr from Keaau, Hawaii

Denise & Allyn Rice from Simi Valley, California

Dennis Libby & Holly Phipps from San Luis Obispo, California

Denny Long from Wisconsin
Fran & Jim

Johanne Audy from Beauport, Canada

Kathy Schreckengost from Erie, Pennsylvania

Spencer Beard & Sheila Hoffman from Seattle, Washington
Joe from San Francisco, California

Malcolm Neville from Northern Territory, Australia

Doyle from South Dakota
Shari from Washington DC & Vicky from New Jersey with Mimi
Ted Koziell from Georgetown, Texas

Christiane from Quebec, Canada

Steve Higgs (Staff) from Issaquah, Washington
David Lambert from San Francisco, California

Greg Walsh (Tour Leader) from Killington, Vermont

Andrew Dobson (Staff) from College Station, Texas
John Beckwith from Fenton, Michigan

Rob Swartley from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kate from New York (I think)
Jon Wood from Idaho Falls, Idaho
William & Alex Smyth-Osbourne from London, England

Ric Hart from Monroe, Washington

Anya Davies (Staff)  from Monrovia, California (by way of Russia)

Bob from (can't recall) & Sarah from New York, NY

Ken Harms from Richmond, Canada

John Smith from Lancashire, UK

Max Johnson from Fairlee, Vermont

Gregg Stokely from Santa Barbara, California

Greg Smart from Berkshire, UK

Dan Brown (Staff) from Flemington, New Jersey
Marianne Douay from Echallon, France

This post is to show some of the great people I have met on this trip, beyond those I already profiled.

PROFILE:  Ross & Adam Ritter (also father & son) - local friends from Poughkeepsie and the Bikeway team, who rode with me on my 5th and final week through New York State. Pictures: (1) broken down Van at the border crossing, (2) rain & wind on the "Maid in the Mist" boat ride into Niagara Falls, (3) riding, (4) being chased by a dog, (5) water stop with Theo, (6) Ross, (7) Adam, (8) riding, (9) Adam, (10) Adam, Ross, (11) coffee break off Lake Ontario with Tim & Theo, (12) long day of cycling, (13) water stop in the rain with Malcolm, David and Tim, (14) riding, Tim-Theo in front, Malcolm in the back, (15) at Tupper Lake, the new "5 decade team" with Tim-20s, Adam-30s, Mike-40s, Ross-50s, Theo-60s, (16) Adam near Raquette River